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e-liquid, menthol very, berry

Chefs Very, Berry Cool

 Our Price: £4.85
Very, Berry Cool e-liquid. A menthol flavour. Choose in any strength (0 - 24 mg/ml), with your choice of PG/VG ratio and flavour options. See other e-liquid flavours here.

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Alex from West Sussex   5 Stars
Have been a regular customer of Vapology for a few month now. Delivery is always quick and smooth. As for the Very Berry Cool - it's Very Berry AWESOME. I absolutely love this juice, and this is my new ADV.

Reviewer: Moff from Manchester   1 Stars
Disappointed with this juice. Just got the menthol and no berry flavour at all. Mixed it now with some strawberry from here just so its not wasted. Using 1.8ohm Nautilus mini.

Reviewer: Tuxedo from London   5 Stars
I have been vaping for almost 3 years then I found what i had been looking for A CHOICE this is the best product for flavour and quality I have found and believe me I have tried a few. Iwill recommend to all the vaping community I know.

Reviewer: Tom from Sheffield   3 Stars
Awesome taste perfect, just never in Stock!

Reviewer: Roy from Welwyn   5 Stars
After vamping for 10 months and trying many vendors and flavours. I ordered Very Bery. I can safely say this is what I was looking for. The taste is refreshing and very pleasing.

Reviewer: Will from Derby   5 Stars
All the liquid from Vapoly are soooo smooth unbelievable. The Chef Very berry cool is by far my favorite and this is the only liquid I am vaping now. It should be on constant supply and this is the only problem. When I need liquid I am on the web page everymorning like an addict to wait for stock to be release.

Reviewer: Smit-Dogg from Cumbria   5 Stars
The smoothest, purest, juiciest vape juice I've ever used, it felt like inhaling fresh air compared to the cheapo brands I've been using, then upon exhaling, a huge thick plume of vapour was released! Definitely my favourite brand I've tried up to now and i look forward to giving you more custom in the future!

Reviewer: Billy from Essex   5 Stars
JUST SELECT 50ML, EXTRA FLAVOUR AND ADD TO CART. This is the best e-liquid I have ever tried in my 2 years of vaping. The term all-day vape gets thrown around a lot but honestly, there is no better than this. The taste is very pure, juicy and really refreshing. The menthol kick is great and on the exhale a beautiful clean juicy berry flavour comes through every time. Imagine being extremely thirsty in a dessert and someone hands you an ice cold glass of water infused with fresh summer berries, that is how I would describe this amazing e-liquid.

Reviewer: Pheonixx from Stourbridge   5 Stars
This is wonderful I took the 1st toke and it was such a throat hit wow...then I tried to guess the fruits is it cherry...strawberry , I honestly could not guess but this juice is great XXX

Reviewer: Robert from Watson   5 Stars
Amazing cool minty taste with a nice balance of Berry flavour. The best I've tried so far - tastes gorgeous and you get a nice hit on your throat. Absolutely amazed by this product. Loads of Vapour relaesd too - nearly clouding out my front room!! A+ for service, and quality. Keep it up as you now have a customer that will refuse to shop elsewhere :)

Reviewer: Mark H from Peterborough   5 Stars
I have bought vape from different sources and then discovered this site, didnt really know which to choose so i went for the very berry cool with 8mg nicotene content 60/40 pg/vg ratio 50ml not sure if i added the menthol as extra but thats what it tastes like WOW!!! this stuff blows the rest(ejuice sellers) out of the water, the taste,the menthol hit the kick and the vape & the price is spot every one esle has said in the reviews its quality dont hesitate just get it thanks guys you are my new supplier :)

Reviewer: Tom from West Midlands   5 Stars
Holy crap, just found my new favorite vape! I didn't even steep it yet, cant imagine what it would taste like in a few weeks. Top class service, best liquid in UK

Reviewer: Mackenzie from London   5 Stars
Just received my first small order of this.... WOW!... this is the liquid I've been searching for! For a while now I've been sticking to straight menthols as I've found most flavours get "a bit much" to vape all day... but this is a game changer. So if you've been sticking to menthols but are after something a little different give this a try!

Reviewer: Lewis from Essex   5 Stars
Absolutely fantastic flavour. Was never a huge fan of menthol cigarettes, but menthol as a vape flavour is so good. Makes my mouth feel cool and refreshed, and is easy to vape all day long, at any time of day. The berry flavour comes through just enough to notice it and give a sweet taste. Would recommend to anyone open to trying a menthol flavour.

Reviewer: Joe from    5 Stars
Vapology does some cracking liquid, Very Berry Cool is so much my ADV at this point that I really don't know when I'm going to be able to stop ordering it. Please Vapology never cease trading :)

Reviewer: Ash from UK   5 Stars
Best juice I have tried ever! Absolutely amazing vape and I am not usually a fruit or a menthol vaper, well I will be from now on! AMAZING

Reviewer: Michael from London   5 Stars
Just got around to trying mine and I am pleasantly surprised. The berry flavor works well with the menthol, the menthol isn't too powerful in this flavor which really allows you to also feel the hit of the fruit flavor. I'm enjoying it very much and would definitely order again :)

Reviewer: Jase C from Arbroath   5 Stars
Vanilla and Cappuccino are my two favourite flavours (double of course). The Vanilla flavour is so good, and leaves a nice, aroma. It has a unique creamy, buttery flavour. The Cappuccino is awesome, so nice to vape, and tastes lovely and leaves a Starbucks aroma! Also, I've mixed 2 thirds of Vanilla with 1/3 peppermint and this gives a satisfying "Murray Mint" flavour that is just so good! Next Hazlenut! Cannot wait for my next batch! Finally, the best part of all is I can choose the PG/VG, the amount of flavour (normal, extra and DOUBLE!). Thanks for making Vaping more enjoyable and even theraputic! :)))

Reviewer: Robert from Qatar   5 Stars
The very best .... Thanks Chef A one in a million taste, go for the extra flavour, you won't regret it

Reviewer: Craig H from Northampton   5 Stars
This really is a lovely vape straight from delivery, perhaps steeping would improve the flavour but it really doesn't need it. The taste of berries is pronounced, and the cool hit on the way out is a perfect combination. I've yet to find a juice on Vapology that I don't like or am anything less than very impressed with, but heck I'll keep trying! ;-)

Reviewer: Claire from Cheshire   5 Stars
Having been a straight menthol vaper, I decided to give this a try (tried other liquids elsewhere and haven't been a fan of any) got this this morning and I love it - a subtle flavour of berry with a cool overtone. My only wish is that you could tailor make this to add other flavours. Will definately buy this again :)

Reviewer: chris from Manchester   5 Stars
Don't ever stop selling this. Nothing more to say.

Reviewer: u8myufo from Bath   5 Stars
Well other than very berry and very cooool what can I say? A lovely taste of fruit on the inhale and cooling on the throat on the exhale. I have tried a couple of similar liquids as samples but none that can match this one for quality in my opinion.

Reviewer: Arshad Ahmed from Lancashire   0 Stars
Wow, what a vape, ace taste loads of vapor. Highly recommended. Enjoy.

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