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4 x 10ml Tailor made e-liquid, Pick-n-Mix

4 x 10ml Tailor made e-liquid, Pick-n-Mix

 Our Price: £13.95
4 x 10ml Pick 'n' Mix:
Choose 4 flavours from the drop down boxes below. (Don't forget to use the scroll to see all available eliquid flavours). Choose in any strength (0 - 24 mg/ml), with your choice of PG/VG ratio.
For clarity: Simply choose a flavour for each bottle. Other options apply to all bottles. (Surcharges may apply to the whole order, not per bottle of eliquid).


flavour bottle 1:
flavour bottle 2:
flavour bottle 3:
flavour bottle 4:
nicotine strength:
PG / VG ratio:
extra flavour:

Qty:Sorry, this item is out of stock

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Christian from Harwich   5 Stars
I have tried many different e liquids over the past few years with mixed satisfaction. Then a friend recommended Vapology to me. They are quite simply the best liquids I have ever experienced - I will NEVER buy my liquids from anywhere else.

Reviewer: Al from Telford   5 Stars
Well worth the money cheap but best e liquid I've had .

Reviewer: Jese from Briton   3 Stars
Great Liquid, but to many times out of stock

Reviewer: Debbie from Portsmouth   5 Stars
Your liquids are amazing. Best taste I've found yet and they last ages. I will never buy from anyone else now. They burn better and smoother and honestly I can't say enough good things about them. Many thanks for existing. Long may this shop continue.

Reviewer: Jani from Slough   5 Stars
Guys. Please don't stop your amazing work. You are the best in the market ( for me ) and please make sure, the next time I am not gonna see that : out of stock :)I really like your liquids, I always try liquids from a different companies and I always return to you :) Best regards from Slough! Jani

Reviewer: Barney Gribbin from Magherafelt N Ireland   5 Stars
I just had to let more people know about this site so I put this on my Facebook page. I hope it brings you more customers. I just found you by chance and you are a hidden gem. To any of my friends out there who are on the e-cigarette here is a new e-liquid site that I have found. Its not a very professional looking site with very little going on and only e-liquid for sale. Click on the Tailor made e-liquid or the 4 x 10ml Tailor made e-liquid, Pick-n-Mix and read the Customer Reviews. I agree with what many customers on there are saying. Less than £4 for a 10ml bottle, great value. Great amount of smoke. Flavour is the best I have had from any site. Each flavour tastes like what it says. The only site I have seen where you can add extra flavour, double flavour and mix flavours.

Reviewer: New Vaper from London   5 Stars
Am very new to vaping, have been analog free for the last 2 days with the help of Vapology. I was smoking analogs and vaping due to the not so good liquids I've bought as a noob. The liquid from Vapology is something else entirely. I ordered 20ml Raspberry, Blackberry and cherry mix, double flavour, 12 mg nic and 60/40 ratio. Must say I am amazed with the flavour and throat hit. Vapour is also very good. I want to try all the flavours from Vapology now and then will decide on a a few staples. For smokers wishing to give up, Vapology is definitely the place for you. I am also looking to invest in an iTaste v3 to compliment this liquid. No more smelling like an ashtray for me:)

Reviewer: Ben from Cheshire   5 Stars
Been vaping for around 6 months instead of smoking tobacco. Im on 4mg liquid. I have tried many vendors including a brick and mortar shop near where i live. I have tried the Very Berry cool e liquid about a month ago. I have been without it for 4 weeks. I have just finnally returned today to buy 2 more 50 ml bottles as nothing can compare to the intense flavour and hit of the liquid i received. I hope its the same as the last batch. You wont regret at least trying Vapeology. Its the least you could do for your inner vapper.

Reviewer: marcus from luton   5 Stars
All the liquids on here are in a class of its own, few weeks after purchasing the flavours just get better and better. No more looking around.Only downside is that they don't make Bigger bottle than 50 ml. For all the doubters I was like you and now been converted by vapology liquid, its money well spent you won't regret it.

Reviewer: Jase C from Arbroath   5 Stars
Have to say that the Licorice is amazing. Wasn't too sure on day of receiving, but after a few weeks steeping, it's amazing! Nice on the 40/60 also! Nice thick plooms of vape! Just ordered the Kanger EVOD VV can't wait to ramp up the volts for this one!

Reviewer: john gillon from elgin uk   5 Stars
I write this review with 4 stars in mind but for one reason only it should be 5 stars but i will explain!!! ......1st star... variety is the spice of life!!!!.....2nd star... i love the chefs own 60/40 mix (in my opinion there is no reason to deviate) .... 3rd star ... double flavour kicks the s**t out of any other chef on tinternet .... 4th star quite possibly the fastest delivery i've ever experienced (and i live on the north coast of Scotland!!!) ...... and here we go why vapology doesnt get my 5th star......postage costs are quite high as with every other vaping distributor ... i want to stay a faithfull customer to one company, but i will always shop around!!! How about a returning customer deal Vapology!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Andy from South London   5 Stars
Ordered 4 flavours from Vapology, Cappuccino, Eden Dew, Banana and Chocolate. All 60/40 all double flavour and all absolutely superb. Delivery was superfast and prices are great. Will definitely be using these guys again and cannot recommend them enough. Oh and their air cured tobacco flavour is the nearest I've ever tasted to my old and now redundant analogue brand, superb.

Reviewer: Bilz from London   5 Stars
Amazing service and hand down the best e liquid I have tried. Ordered Eden Dew, Eastern Mist, black currant and a menthol for the cold season! Will most def order again. Keep up the fantastic work. Quick ordering, swift delivery service. Must Recommend!

Reviewer: Jase C from Arbroath   5 Stars
My mate introduced me to this site, and I'm glad he did! The liquid is second to none. The flavours - especially double - are amazing. My favourites are: Double Vanilla & Double Cappuccino. The Vanilla is so creamy and tastes so good. The Cappuccino lit made me raise my eyebrows on first Vape :) Both flavours are so aromatic also, especially the cappuccino - my living room smelled like Starbucks! Not only that, but I think the aromas are quite relaxing and therapeutic! Finally, the throat hit and the cloud of vape from the 60/40 is perfect, and satisfying! I have a new order on the way. Vanilla and Cappuccino of course, but also about to try 2 new additions: Hazlenut and Honey. Note: Mix the Vanilla 3/4 to 1/4 peppermint and achieve that creamy Murray Mint flavour! Excellent stuff!

Reviewer: George from W   5 Stars
Fantastic value. Quick delivery. The flavours are incomparable to anything I have tried previously (blackcurrant, cherry, raspberry and peach. All on their own, 60/40, 6mg, double flavour). Very satisfied, will be back. Don't feel steeping is necessary.

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